Revision PowerPoints

What device do young people spend most of their day looking at? Harness the pull of the smartphone.


Either you make or the students make PowerPoint presentations of key ideas, then export them so they can be viewed on a smartphone.

Change the size of the slides so that they fit better on a smartphone screen (for the iphone, its 20cm wide x 10cm high).

In PowerPoint, go to Design > Page setup and change the slide size.

Design (or get the students to design) the presentation.

You can set the number of slides as minimum, or ask for them to be submitted before they are exported, so you can check the quality.

Export the file so the phones can read them.

Go to Save As > PDF or XPS.

Either email that PDF file or put it onto the school shared area or VLE.

Students could make these for their classmates, which might increase the quality of the work they produce, or make them for students in other classes.


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