Book organisation

Do your students have pieces of paper hanging out of their exercise books? Maybe you begin every year, as I do, with the best of intentions as to how my students are going to organise their work but then struggle to ensure your ideals are upheld.

Here are some ideas for how to get students to keep their work neat and easy to revise from.

Hole punch

If your school has invested in an industrial hole punch (or if you can talk them into it) this is an excellent way to keep students' books in order with minimal effort from you.

When you distribute the exercise books at the start of the year (and every time thereafter) hole punch them near the spine and give every student two treasury tags to thread through the holes. Every time you give them a sheet, make sure it is hole-punched first so they can treasury tag it in place in their books as they go along. 

This is also a great idea because if you want students to work on A4 file paper, that, too, can be easily incorporated safely into their books.

Question related

I teach a lot of Y11 who accumilate a lot of paper which relates to their exam; which relates in fact to a specific question in their exam. I give my students a carboard Manilla folder and three plastic wallets, one for each question on their exam. Any sheets which relate to Q1 on the examinatino, for example, go into their Q1 plastic folder. In the unlikely event I give them several sheets in one lesson, I hole-punch them and give the students a treasury tag to keep them together in the plastic wallet.

This makes revision much easier as they can easily find all the texts and tasks related to the specific exam questions.

By Nadine Pittam,
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