What is Spark-ed?

I launched Spark-ed.co.uk in Spring 2014. I have been a teacher of English for twelve years, (and was graded Outstanding three times by Ofsted when they did the whole judgement thing) and I now work at Smithills School in Bolton. 

I rarely taught lessons from worksheets or presentations, and I was always frustrated that I couldn't find any online places where teachers could share ideas about how they went about inspiring and educating their students; so I set up that space myself. And here it is!

www.spark-ed.co.uk is a space for teachers to share creative ideas about teaching. It is unique in that it provides teachers with ideas rather than resources. But it needs your ideas to survive - see below.

Teachers are often looking for a quick burst of inspiration, for a new way of teaching, for something to help inject a bit of creativity into their classroom...  Spark-ed was launched to satisfy this need.

To see more about me, visit my own personal blog site: www.theteachersvoice.net.


Help make Spark-ed the website you need

Spark-ed is a new website but it was built for growth. It was launched to benefit teachers; the more teachers who help sculpt it in these early days, the better it will be. 

Spark-ed offers ideas which teachers can take, twist, mould, develop and embellish to create the best lessons they can for the young people in their charge. If you use an idea, come back and leave a comment at the bottom about how it went or what you did with it.

Bring your brain, let the sparks fly!


Want to add your own Spark?

Please do! We really want people to add their own ideas - that's how the site will become the best it can be.

All Sparks submitted to the site must be learner-focused, and they should be clearly and concisely relayed. All contributions will be read and prepared for publication on the site in line with my style guide. 

If you have an idea which would benefit other teachers, visit our Contribute page.

Of course, you are always welcome to leave respectful and helpful comments under any Sparks you read - we especially welcome comments about how you may have used the Sparks as a springboard, or how you tailored them for use in your subject. 

Get involved!